Martial Arts Expert and Former Brazilian jiu-jitsu World Champion

Sometimes the old way to do things is not the best way to do things. With an ever-changing society, with technological advancements sprouting up everyday and the way that people see the world changing, we have to take it upon ourselves to change what needs to be changed in order to stay relevant and successful. Lloyd Irvin saw this first hand when he opened his own martial arts school. With the old way of marketing to gain new students to his martial arts school, Lloyd Irvin was having a rough time making money, and quickly realized that he needed to break the mold and change his approach to gain more students.

Whenever you come across a new way of doing things that break the mold and changes the way people have done something for a long period of time, you can face criticism from some. Lloyd Irvin faced this from some people after finding and creating a new way to directly market to the customer in order gain more new students. Lloyd Irvin was able to graciously accept this criticism and turn the other cheek, because in the end his marketing success allowed him to quickly build one of the leading martial arts academies in the United States and produce several world champions, a UFC champion, and a world champion kids team.

Being able to change the marketing strategy and break the mold that was in place before opened up new opportunities and doors for Lloyd Irvin. In addition to building his own academy, Lloyd Irvin is passionate about showing other martial arts school owner how to change the way the work to easily attract more students and to make more money. In some situations, these schools were able to go from charging less that $100 a month to charging five figure fees, while still gaining more students. Lloyd Irvin is a story of success showing what benefits and great things can come when you break the mold of a certain way of doing things.


Whenever you emerge into a new market for the first time, you might be at risk on not having all of the essential information and knowledge that you need in order to succeed. Lloyd Irvin knew that he had the necessary skills to open up his own martial arts school, seeing he was a martial arts expert and training to become Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion (in 2005). But, soon after opening his school, Lloyd Irvin struggled to make any money at first and recognized that he needed to change his approach to gaining new members and to keep his martial arts school open.

Lloyd Irvin learned the valuable lesson that some of us fail to learn sometimes, which is that when you find yourself in a new market or surrounding that it is necessary to change your strategy in order to benefit you. Lloyd Irvin broke the mold in the martial arts market by being on of the first to use direct marketing strategies to attract new students to his school. As with many new ways of doing business, Lloyd Irvin had initial criticism from others for his new way of marketing. This is something that Lloyd Irvin says that you will always have to deal with.

Lloyd Irvin says the most important part of changing your strategy is actually taking the first initial step towards change. This may seem scary and stressful to some, but in order to better you business and further the clientele base, this is necessary. Lloyd Irvin was able to see a new way to market and work toward gaining new students, and way very successful at changing his strategy. After mastering the techniques of direct marketing and developing a new strategy, Lloyd Irvin went on to be very successful. Lloyd Irvin believes that if you see a way to tweak what you already have in order to be successful, act quickly and make it happen.

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