Martial Arts Expert and Former Brazilian jiu-jitsu World Champion

Whenever you are so passionate about something that you have made a career out of becoming an expert and a master at the field of work, it is a rewarding experience to be able to start your own company. Lloyd Irvin knows how rewarding that this can be. Lloyd Irvin is a former Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion and martial arts expert. Lloyd Irvin was able to turn his passion and love for the martial arts into the process of opening up his own martial arts school, where he could pass on his knowledge and skills to new generations of martial artists.

Having his own martial marts academy provides many benefits for Lloyd Irvin. For one, he is always surrounded by martial arts, and gets to coach, teach, and mentor new generations of people about martial arts. Lloyd Irvin was also able to find a new direct marketing strategy when opening his gym that has allowed him to gain a steady stream of new students ever since. With this new marketing strategy and its success, Lloyd Irvin was able to help out other struggling martial arts gyms by helping them make more money and attract new students more easily.

Lloyd Irvin has been immersed in the martial arts world for decades. Seeing that his school has produced several world champions, a UFC Champion, and even the world champion kids team, it’s very easy for us to see how serious and passionate about martial arts Lloyd Irvin is. Lloyd Irvin is also passionate about helping other martial arts school owners around the world in turning their interest in martial arts from a virtual hobby into a business that can support a family. Lloyd Irvin does this through his mastermind groups, coaching programs, live events, and home study courses.


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